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Plan interrupted

First, by a desire for Tigger's clothes to fit in his dresser. We netted a basket of goodwill, one neat dresser and one neat closet. Technically we still have the footlocker to organize, but that's got winter pjs and more sweats, so there's no hurry.

I didn't get a nap, or more checks written - as there were envelopes to find in the pile of bills I haven't finished posting. I did get time for a shower before taking the kids to school.

We found Tigger's classroom and Critter's advisor's room. Critter loaded up his locker, and Tigger ignored his locker, but loaded up his desk. I met Tigger's teacher and Critter's advisor, who is the computer teacher.

I met the new chess club teacher, told her that I was planning to be active in keeping track of the paperwork and calling and stuff, and got her phone number. No meetings until October. She's getting married at the end of September. Suits me -- I have trips planned for the last two weekends in September.

Once I got home, I wrote an email to her and to Coach, to start figuring out how to startup chess by the beginning of October. And found tournaments for October (in Lexington), November (in Richmond), December (in Cincy) and January. No info yet on Quads or State, and no Lousiville scholastics posted.

Then I made sausage gravy, and after dinner, my list got sidetracked by the kids. First there was organizing Tigger's clothes, then came reading Harry Potter. We were nearing the end of reading time, when the book mentioned Astronomy class, and I remembered Mars' closest approach is tonight.

Tigger got bored with our attempts to find a clear shot of the planet for the telescope and went on to bed. We finally found a spot in the yard with a clear shot of it (near the road), but we could never get the telescoped aimed and focused properly. Need more training. ;)

And now I find myself incredibly sleepy, so I'm going to bed early rather than stay up and do more work.

Tomorrow morning, I drive the boys to school, and then swing by the office for my performance review. Lunchtime phone call with Wolf, working on bills, and starting this week's round of laundry. Which will include folding all the jacuzzi towels that I've already laundered. Then shower at 2 and get ready for work before leaving for carline.

My current carline project is coupon clipping. Step one: cull expired coupons.

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