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A Quiet Morning

First, a test.

You are Hobbes!
a bit too mellow to be an incarnation of Calvin, but you're still his best pal. You don't mind having fun, though, and enjoy playing tricks on your friends when
they least expect it.
Take the What Calvin are You? Quiz by!

Sigh. I was really happy with the way I left the house on Sunday afternoon. I was to be bringing Flar back home with me, after he's been two weeks in Brazil, and I was happy with how it looked.

But yesterday was busy day from hell. We decided to lunch in Louisville before driving home, so got home with about 15 minutes before having to leave to pick the boys up from school.

Then I had another ridiculously quick turn-around, getting home with the kids, to leave for Knight's birthday festivities. Ice Age, dinner at Joe's, birthday cake and ice cream at their house, and movie-watching after that.

Birthday festivities were fun. But now I'm looking at a dragged-in-everything-from-the-car house, with none of the laundry done -- that's usually a Monday job, and of course today is a bowling day, so I won't get caught up before tomorrow.

Oh well, at least it was clean underneath the new layer. ;)

And I've already got one load going, which will be ready to transfer to the dryer before I leave for bowling.

Busy day ahead. Bank, mechanic, bowling, Sam's, allergist, dry cleaners, and laundry.

Knight's generously driving me around while my car is back in the shop. Last week they said the noise was a leak in the exhaust manifold, and gave it a tune-up - it was due. I got it back driving more rough than before, and when I brought it back in for them to see what was wrong, they diagnosed it as an ignition module in need of replacing.

They gave me the car back to drive over the weekend until they got the part in, and I'm giving it up again this morning. On the bright side, they're not charging for this work -- he says they should have caught it the first time around, and considers it part of the 60 day warranty. Woo hoo!

Tonight's Buffy is a re-run, of a serious schism, but with some pricelessly silly lines. "Joan! I'm a super-hero, too!" If Cinder's up for it, I'm going to watch with her. Knight's mother is coming over there for dinner tonight, and I'm just used to going out to watch Buffy.

Now it's time to fly...

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