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Today, so far.

But, a brief aside about bills and the weekend. Flar came up with a plan for me to follow, and estimated cash flow. Looks like we'll be able to survive until money starts coming in, including some additional short term debt that we hope to clear up by December. Here's hoping the plan works.

  • wake boys at 6:30am. (Partridge Family.)
  • wash the dinner dishes from last night
  • make breakfast for the boys (Sausage Bites and Spam & Cheese Omelets)
  • shower/dress for bowling
  • catch up on LJ and email
  • write out some checks from the credit line to deposit and make loan payments
  • swing by bank on way to bowling alley
  • Tuesday Tigers (talk to Tina about Rookettes)
  • Sam's Club
  • Allergist
  • lunch
  • write out more checks from the credit line
  • 3-4pm TLS student orientaton (catch a nap if there's time no time for nap)
  • sausage gravy & biscuits for dinner; make King Ranch Chicken ahead for Wednesday night
  • work on bills -- no phone call with Wolf due to a church meeting
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