Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

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mmmm ... organization

Sometimes it's good to sit down and write about what a wonderful husband I have. The one I married 22 years ago, that is. ;)

We just did something together. Something that I don't think I could do with just anyone else -- without disintegrating into fighting, I think.

We decided to reorganize the kitchen counter-top. He was going to leave it all to me, but it was overwhelming, so I asked his help. But, I was still QUITE opinionated about many of the decisions.

And we managed it. An organization pleasing to both of us, without fighting.

Maybe this is why he gets big bucks for consulting fees. ;)

Pictures to follow, once I get the sinks emptied by the boys, and the dishes washed. Later tonight, I expect.
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