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Friday & Saturday

Got together more numbers for Flar, talked about what's going on. It looks like he's going to have to sue a client that owes him over $16K, in order to protect his claim. Sigh. They've owed it to him since last August.

I took Tigger shopping yesterday. He bought a Hot Wheels race game and Scooby Doo adventure for Playstation, as well as a four-controller hub. (I've forgotten the correct gamer name for it.)

I made Chicken n Dumplings for dinner before I left for work, and Critter helped me make lemonade. He cut and squeezed the lemons while I was working on dinner. I used my Mr. Tea pitcher. The lemons produced about 1 3/4 cups juice, and I filled the rest of the pitcher with ice and water. I sweetened it with 1 cup of sugar, dissolved in boiling water. It seemed to be the right about of juice and sugar -- enough juice to make it quite tart, and enough sugar to make it a pleasant drink.

I took a lunch portion sized Thermos of chicken and dumplings to work with me, along with the lemonade. Details loved it, and Braids thought it could use more sugar. I think my Thermos makes a dandy diet sized portion of Chicken and Dumplings, but I miss "real" thermos technology: this is a plastic one, and there was a noticeable amount of heat escaping through the lid.

Work was easy, and silly. It was my last Friday night -- Opman confirmed that it would be okay for me to start a three-day a week schedule next week. We were all working on queues that involved printed numbers rather than hand-written names, so the work was easy. Braids dragged the TV into Ops so we could listen to a high school football game: she lives with a man whose son is quarter-back on one of the local teams. It was a dress-down day, but I'm still not ready to wear jeans to work. Too hot. So I wore a denim skirt instead.

Today's schedule includes Tigger's sleepover, working on finances and bowling records, and cleaning, mostly in the kitchen. Dizzy found a hideout for mice, in the jacuzzi room, so I've some cleaning to do in there, too. The bulk of what I have to do in the kitchen is the table. So far, I've managed to keep ahead of the hand-wash dishes.

I've caught up reading email and LJ, and yesterday's paper.

This article showed a different side of the normal malpractice and abortion debates:

The Kentucky Supreme Court said that parents who missed the chance to have abortions cannot sue for "wrongful life."

And, in today's paper, the Faith & Values section ran this article about polyamory. There's even a quote by Flyrod's wife in it.

Kids are playing relatively quietly upstairs, so I think I'll have some lunch now.

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