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work tonight

I handed in my performance review tonight. Opman had me review myself, before he schedules a review with me. Flar calls that Pointy Haired Manager behavior.

I answered the various questions as accurately as I could, then made two comments.

One question asked me to rate how my productivity is, related to expectations. I have not gotten any information about what production level is expected me, and I commented to this effect, and chose the "consistently meets expectations" choice.

I finished the work I was assigned tonight. At 7pm. And then went hunting around for other queues to work on. Maybe I exceed expectations.

One question asked me how well I follow instructions. The instructions for various projects have been in fluxx, so I wrote a comment to that affect, included concern about whether I'm informed of changes when they affect my assignments.

I wrote a note to go with the review. It included information about my non-work schedule next week, so that if Opman wants me to come in during his working hours, he has an idea of when I'll be free. I also told him that I wanted to change my working hours:

From - M, WThF 5:30pm - 11:00pm
To - M, WTh 5:30pm - 12:30pm

I've been coming in on or before 5pm, but my official starting time (for purposes of things like evaluating whether I'm ontime or tardy) is 5:30pm. I've been working until midnight lately, but my "official" quitting time has been 11. Second shift is pretty fast and loose about schedule. The idea is to work three days a week, yielding almost the same hours as four did.

They keep talking about getting a supervisor for second shift. There are only four of us, so I don't see it. Flar asked me what I would do if they offered it to me, and I pointed out the difficulty about me working only three days a week. Stranger things could happen though. I've never been in a supervisory position, unless you count Mothering.

Gotta work on finances again tomorrow, with a break to take Tigger shopping (with his allowance), and *maybe* time enough to go to the pool while we're out of school and Fayette county is in session. Or, maybe we'll put that off until Monday.

Bed now.

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