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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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woo hoo, panties!
So, a pair of panties showed up in the laundry process, that aren't mine.

And they came down the laundry chute from the kid's rooms.

Woman's panties, Hanes Her Way, Size 7, to be precise.

My theory is, left-behinds from the sheepover, delayed in processing by how long it takes the boys to clean up their room.

Any takers?

Name the color and material, and they're yours.

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Those are decidedly NOT my panties. Are you sure Critter isn't bringing girlfriends home already? ;)

I'm kind of under the impression that Critter may still think girls have cooties or something :-)

I knew I was asking for teasing. ;)

Heh - if they're size 7 they're definitely not mine. I think maybe spydielives might've slept in Critter's room?

I was just thinking they might be mine, since thats my size... but I didn't know I lost any, unless they fell out of my bag unawares. Possible, but I would have no idea what color!

(Nice guess Ro)

They're my size too, and I usually wear white cotton Hanes, although I'm missing a pair of teal, but they could be other places too.

I think maybe these might be Spydie's; I'm going to bring them with me to the bowling alley and see. (discreetly, of course)

What amuses me is that apparently the boys just tossed it down the chute without comment :-D

Critter is getting used to having other people's clothing end up in his room. Usually it's not underwear, but I think maybe a bra has been left behind in his room before.

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