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Lots. Scads. Tons. Heaps. More than a wee bit, even.

Something someone said that i want to remember.¹

Spent all day in bed. Well, not all day. I got up around 5pm.

Finished reading Chimera, by John Barth. I'd forgotten how self-aware and literary a work it was.

Tigger brought me breakfast in the bed around noon. The medicine works better with food, so that was welcome. He also brought me soda. Been doing better at drinking water, too.

Flar made glazed chicken, this time with peanuts, and snow peas to go with it.

We watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Flar's trying to get me to cheer up. My head doesn't seem quite as foggy tonight as last night, and I've asked the boys to get me out of bed in the morning, so maybe tomorrow I'll be more alive.

Flar says he thinks he'll have cash flow fixed by September, and by October, have an extra chunk of money drop on us that will catch us up. I'd like to hope for that, but it seems so soon.

¹i used to ask why, but it always got interpreted as fishing; even when i genuinely don't feel worth wanting

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