Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Lazy Saturday sick day

But first, Friday.

I got the postcards printed and mailed for Rookettes. I picked up some groceries and made sweetened lemon iced tea for work. I worked.

At work, I learned to index a different client. Finished two queues for that client, then dived into an enormous queue of checks to double-key. Took a break from them to finish off a queue for Details, then double-keyed sequential numbers for the rest of the night.

Actually took in an episode of Boy Meets Boy before going to sleep. Really strange to watch someone dating a crowd of people, trying to narrow the dating down to just one. I don't think I really get reality TV shows.

Then Saturday

Took Tigger to the bowling alley this morning, to sign him up for Yaba. He's in the Preps, now. Most of the kids will be bowling with their fingers, and he still uses both hands to throw the ball. We played three games today, and I convinced him to try bowling with his fingers (a house ball, since his ball isn't drilled). The catch? I had to bowl with just my hands. We each bowling "normally" one game, the new way the next game, and for part of the third game. The scores? Tigger: 116, 54 & 56. Me: 140, 85 & 80.

After bowling, I figured out the UTI wasn't going away. The doctor's office was closed, but the doctor in call was nice enough to call in a prescription for me, so I detoured by CVS and came home armed with medicine.

We celebrated belmikey's Feast of St. Andy when I got home. Belgian waffles, butter, choice of syrup (maple, strawberry & blueberry), fresh whipped cream and bing cherries.

Christopher made cheeseburgers and mac-n-cheese for dinner, while we watched Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead.

Gonna spend the rest of the evening trying to ignore feeling icky and waiting for the meds to work. Read email, Chimera, maybe catch up on writing email, if I can concentrate better.

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