Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

So far

Didn't get laundry folded, but did get shirts hung and loads sorted.

Determining over the weekend whether the I in UTI stands for irritation (if it goes away by Monday morning under a siege of lemonade and water -- my doctor has told me lemonade is as effective as cranberry juice, and I lurv lemonade) or infection (in which case I call for an appointment first thing Monday morning, or luck out and get a prescription called in for me). So far coping with lots of sitting. And drinking. And eating enough food to digest the pyridium and let it work its magic.

Last night, work was easy. I was given two short (150 & 8) queues to index, double-key and image-process. Then told which insanely long queue to throw the rest of the evening into. I left with only 898 documents left in that queue, which *almost* tempted me to stay til 1am. Okay, so didn't *strongly* tempt me.

Plan for this morning:

Gonna fold laundry
Gonna print address labels from the Rookettes members database
Gonna run to the post office to drop off postcards
Gonna run to the grocery to buy lemons and any other staples deemed scarce.

Gonna drink a lot of water.

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