Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug


Bowling banquet was fun. We missed the boring meeting part - last place team arrived to the meeting last, ha ha. But we got our free game cards and our prize money, $6 apiece.

My broccoli casserole was well-liked. I thought it was really cool that one of the women told me about other people talking about how good it was.

We bowled no-tap, and Knight started out with a real strike. Go figure. Lots of fun, though. I've forgotten what my final game was, but I started with a 180 and a 187.

I was running late going home, so I called Flar to talk while I was driving, rather than further delay my bubblebath. Which instead got delayed by Flar asking me to help him clear off the jacuzzi top.

Phone call good with Wolf, although I never touched my raisinettes and Vandermint until the call was over. And I got all melty which makes it difficult to talk.

I'm almost caught up on the paper - read Sunday and Monday after my bath.

Today: laundry. To be folded, mind, not just washed.

And, taking the boys to a movie. I managed to pull myself out of bed before 8, so there is more time to work with.

No word from the driver people, yet.

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