Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

And so it continues.

Money's still bad. Barely beginning to feel like I'm coming alive again, but I hesitate to believe it - I was laughing last Tuesday. I think it helps to be around Knight.

Today's new twist on life sucks: Tigger (quite accidently, and one really can't argue that it was one of those accidents waiting to happen) broke my wireless card.

The mac wireless card driver is card-serial-number specific. I was able to borrow Critter's card, but got a message about being in 30 minute demo mode. And I don't know if that's cumulative or in total, so I quickly sent a note off to the software company, and will avoid using the wireless card until I get new software-serial-number to re-register it.

Meanwhile, I've got to figure out which port on the router still works well enough for wired access, and will only be able to use the laptop in the family room again.

And, write to LJ from the desktop, since I haven't hunted up cords and ports and whatnot yet.


Bowling's in switchover. I'm now off to make broccoli casserole for the potluck banquet at the end of summer bowling tonight. This morning, Knight and I attended the org. meeting for Tuesday morning league, and I made arrangements with the center for the org. meeting and starting date for the Thursday morning league (the one in which I am secretary - ie, really in charge). Gotta make up postcards for that meeting... I never "finished up" last season, in terms of putting away paperwork, etc.

Good news: got (all but three of) the invitations for Tigger's sleepover mailed; Tigger's got a playdate for Thursday; the IRS thinks we deserve the latest child tax credit (we usually get disallowed on income, so this is kind of a good news/bad news thing); I got spending money enough to take the kids to a movie (LXG) tomorrow, and pay their allowance this weekend; my children are angels, and really take Mommy falling apart over the little stuff in stride. They are gentle with me. Oh, and hey - I didn't yell, which is a Really Good Thing.

Gonna go be all housewifely. Oh, and I get $6 spending money tonight, from my bowling winnings. Woot!

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