December 6th, 2010


Mondays rock

Mondays. A fresh start, well-rested after the weekend, the week ahead a blank slate upon which to write.

Our housekeeper comes on Mondays, so the house is clean. :)

Flar and I cooked up a storm over the weekend. So the fridge is stocked with leftovers. We mixed up the dough for Bourbon Balls and Christmas Cake cookies and cream cheese candies. I baked four pans on Christmas Cake cookies this morning, and Flar and Tigger rolled up a tray of bourbon balls tonight.

I have a new scanner to replace one who was out sick, and another back from the sick rolls, so I've got all five scanners running. The new scanner is also up and running on how to do QA.

Looks like this week is shaping up to be a much better one than last.

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