December 1st, 2010

Clean Sweep, Renata Broom

Paring down

I dreamed I was posting to lj using a full keyboard (read: musical keyboard) while I was driving! The scenery outside the car was heavily influenced by the Clive Cussler novel I'm reading.


working second shift is almost as good as Lortabs for weird dreams

It's time to start writing on lj again


I've tons of people on my friends list - too many to read daily. I'm paring down my friends list, no insult intended.

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Busy Day

Long lunch er, dinner

We're running three shifts at work right now. I get to supervise second shift -- 5 to 1:30. Three shifts because we're trying to catch up on scanning - which means the end of every shift is a bit chaotic, especially first.

Last night I didn't eat until 10 because I had three new scanners to train. Then I spent the rest of the shift - it seemed like - putting the paperwork in order. Tonight I got the shift running much more smoothly, put some time in moving boxes (unfave job for all three of us), then got the paperwork sorted before dinner. Looks like I might even get to an hour of fun work tonight. The trick is how to cut down on the overtime I've already built up in the last two days of chaos.

Maybe shift change will go more smoothly tonight.

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