May 5th, 2009

Diet, Renata on Scale

Weight Loss progress?

I've been tracking my weight on (the easiest place to track, since it's on an app on my iPhone) since last November. I've been following NutriSystem®'s Flex plan - 5 days of their meals, 2 days regular foods - since April 4th.

According to Livestrong, I've lost 6.8 pounds since April 9th. But, my weight chart shows a history of up and down. The real test will be whether I stay on the diet and continue to see steady weight loss. I'd be happy with a pound a week, as long as it's consistent.

The foods are yummy, although some don't appeal to me as much as others.

I've downloaded an app for my iPhone called Couch to 5K, but I haven't started the exercise program yet. I've been pretty distracted by life this month.

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