January 11th, 2009

LJ Idol

Oh this is not going well.

Okay, so this week, the vote for LJ Idol is contestant only. But it's not an unlimited choices poll like usual. The instructions are to read every entry and send Gary 25 picks (out of 74 entries).

Okay, so while I'm reading, I'm sorting what I've read into Definitely, Maybe and Nope. No comments on how I've sorted the entries, to protect anyone's feelings here. The problem is, I'm only 1/3 through my reading, and I've already got 12 sorted into Definitely. If this trend continues, I'll be tossing all the Maybes and rereading the Definitelys for a new sort. And, I've only got until 7pm tomorrow night.

And I'm getting nervous about whether I'll be able to get into anyone else's top third. There's awfully good material out there!

You can't vote unless you're competing, but I recommend the reading.
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