October 28th, 2008


Dating redux

Updates on the dating scene...

Flar and I are signed up for a marriage class at church (Yes, gasp, Flar has agreed to enter the building for six weeks in a row!). I'm praising Jesus that he is willing to go to one that is church-sponsored, and praying that I will grow in this opportunity, not use it as a nitpicking platform against Flar. Prayers for both of us to be open to what we will be learning would be greatly appreciated. The course is Nov 9 thru Dec 14.

CuppyKate, formally K in this post, has named herself in my journal. She and Critter are still totally mad about each other, even though being 1077 miles apart is no picnic.
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The return of bibble

Otherwise known as - I've no idea what I'm writing about Ghosts this week for LJ Idol.

As a demonstration of what a normal week *could* be, I didn't have to do any housework today, because I caught up yesterday. Whee!

I forgot to plug my iPhone in last night, but I woke up at 10am anyway. Got a bunch of stuff done online, went to the bank, ate a small lunch and then


walked the dogs for 30 minutes.

Okay, so they would happily have walked longer, but I turned around when I had to sacrifice one of my fuzzy gloves to the minor god of forgetting-to-bring-poo-bags-on-a-dog-walk.

Tigger's in a meet this evening, which gives me time to run some errands on the way to work and get a few more things done around the house.

In so-what-else-is-new news, we've yet again got too much month at the end of our money and Flar's busy herding cats, trying to close a deal that could make-all-our-money-problems-go-away. Not so much, since the last few weeks of cats mind you, but it'll help.

I had this brief flirtation with asking for a new laptop for Christmas, but it's too much for an outright gift from Mom and Dad, and half is too much for Flar to think about even after the deal closes. Maybe I'll be able to put some money by from working All The Darn-it Time.

I've been working 20+ hours a week, getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night, and am buckling down on running the house better and being faithful to commitments at church. Ooh, it's like being a grown-up. Add in the exercise, and it's no wonder I haven't been in the green room (another LJ Idol reference) lately.

Now to fix brownpurple bag dinner, hook up the cycler and do some list maintenance before running errands and going to work.

God, may I please pretty please have one night at work where all I do is clean and run the scanner? No weird error codes, no self-changing options screens, no randomly restarting computers? Ooh, could I scan three whole boxes?

we'll find out, on the next episode of bibble, at a screen near you.
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