June 19th, 2008

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Just me, not a drabble

I've been stuck being all productive like this week, so no more drabbles yet. But there are still a few letters left, if you want to claim a drabble.

Having caught up with laundry and dishes and finances by Wednesday, today I tackled the aquarium. We were out of kibble, so I rewarded myself with three pretty guppies and a plei-whatsit that sucks on rocks. I've refilled the tank, cleaned the front and side walls and some of the "furniture." This weekend I'll exchange a couple of gallons of water and start in on cleaning the rocks.

We've started culling our library, and I'm in the middle of entering the inventory-for-sale into my delicious library. I'm planning to bring the boxes of books for sale to the next yard sale, as well as offering them on Half.com.

The boys gave Flar a watch for Father's Day, and he really likes it. Critter and K went out to lunch with Flar and I today; she is very cute and bubbly. She's going away to Governor's Scholar thingy soon, so they're spending as much time as possible together before then.

I've been spending time in the evenings with KyRedHead. She just earned her Red Blazer, which has to do with how many consultants she leads, I think. Anyway, there's an official ceremony tonight, with free food.

I've also worked every night this week, and they're interested in having me work during the day next week. Looks like I'll be able to pay my last two car payments without dipping into the family checkbook. W00t!

About time to go to the Pampering Center, then to work.
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