June 14th, 2008

Busy Day

Catching up, yet again

There is so much that I'm writing back-dated entries, so as not to spam your friends list. (*nudges halo to get it straight*) And hey, if I'm back-dating, I might as well date them according to when they happened. My apologies to friends who read their f-list in such a way that following links is annoying.

Oops, need a new icon.

Pictures from the Anniversary Party

Critter's Graduation

Critter's Graduation Party

ZOMG minutes, a good customer service story

Tech news

Critter is dating

Flar's continuing medical saga

The state of the me

Coming next: A writing meme

But hey, with this many back-entries, it demonstrates how busy I've been, eh?

And now, time for the two year olds!
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Critter's social life

Critter hasn't dated much in high school. Mostly it was a combination of school work, friends' extracurricular schedules, and bad timing. Mind you, more of his friends in high school are female than male.

I think we found out two weeks before prom that he was going. A good friend of his, CuppyKate, had a friend who wasn't seeing anyone, A, and CuppyKate decided that Critter needed a date to the prom, so she set them up. He met A at the mall, when he helped her pick up her dress, pick out his tux, and pick out flowers for each other. Then they all went to laser tag with another of his friends. Critter took A to a movie before the prom, and hung out with her a bit after the prom, but apparently they didn't become An Item. Prom night was apparently fun; Critter did all driving and ended up crashing on A's couch after delivering her home.

Now Critter is seeing CuppyKate, who doubled with him to the prom, and has gone through another boyfriend since then. They are tres cute together, as she is very cuddly. I've no idea if they'll last through the summer, but it's kind of fun having girls in the house. :)

Edited to note: CuppyKate has named herself in my journal, and is still very much around. I'm totally rooting for them to make it through four (five?) years of long-distance dating before building a life together. Shhhh... Don't tell anyone how pleased I am that they both want kids. :)
bundled up, walkabout, snow

The State of the Flar

Flar's been back on PD since Monday. He's doing half-volume fills, using the Tidal feature which leaves some fluid behind on each drain, to avoid Drain Pain. Monday night, we lost power at 4:45pm, so we had to use a manual set to drain in the morning. Tuesday night, he had minimal Drain Pain. Wednesday night, we stopped the initial drain soon enough to avoid pain, and the rest of the night he didn't even get woken up by it. Thursday night, he did the setup and connect on his own, and let the pain go a bit longer than he should have - he was sore most of Friday. Last night went pretty well.

There has been NO leakage out of his exit site, so we're optimistic that he'll do well on 1.5 liter fills this week.

Monday, Flar has another appointment with his surgeon. I've upgraded him to bandaids on his incision site, but we're still using gauze and tape for his exit site. He's going to ask about ongoing care, and when he can start swimming again.

We're generating an empty box a night, suitable for holding 12 liters of liquid. We're going to use them in the process of culling and selling books, but there will be way more than we need...
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The State of the Me

Oh my goodness the dreams last night.

So, I decided to skip the Mat last night. I was having weird tummy, but it didn't turn out to pull me to the facilities often enough to justify staying home. So I basically played hooky. Bad me.

I haven't been doing my homework in No Stones, or reading the curriculum for Life Group. I've been blowing off daily inventories due to wanting to redo the spreadsheet. I've missed the Mat for many weeks due to health and parties. I go to sleep with plans to have a nice quiet time in the morning, then I sleep in, and scurry to my first deadline of the day instead. I'm tired, but I'm getting more than 8 hours of sleep a night.

Yeah, depending on me not nearly so successful as depending on Him.

On the bright side, this past week I caught up on dishes, laundry AND bills. I've still got filing to catch up, and a bunch of phone calls and the like, but I've gotten to a great starting point for the summer.

I'm serving with the younger twos on Saturdays at 5:55pm and Sundays at 10:22am throughout the summer, so I've got a commitment pulling me to church regularly. At least I'm not drifting all the way away in this drifty interlude.

I've been spending good time with Flar in the evenings, and I'm really liking that. I worked Sunday night and Thursday night this last week, but I've trained on the new software for scanning now, so I expect to get more hours starting next week. I got a raise at my annual review, and in order to support more transfers per month (than allowed by a savings account), I've opened a checking account for direct deposits from work.

We're going to DC for the July Fourth weekend, then Houston to deliver Critter to school in August, and otherwise I'm home all summer. I should be able to get to projects with all this time on my hands.

Quest at the Movies is starting this weekend, with Die Hard or Live Free. Free popcorn and movie clips with interspersed teaching. Tune in live at Quest's website. The service times are Saturday: 5:55pm and Sunday: 9am, 10:22am and 11:55am.
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Back to Writing - with a meme!

I've fallen off the writing bandwagon, so what better way to hop back on than an LJ Meme (courtesty roina_arwen).

Comment to this post with one word, starting with an unclaimed letter of the alphabet. I'll write a drabble (the original meme was a paragraph) based on each word supplied, as well as updating this post to show available (green) and claimed (red) letters of the alphabet. I'll link to the drabble posts in these comments, for those of you who may (like me) not keep caught up on their flist.

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

According to Wikipedia:
A drabble is an extremely short work of fiction exactly one hundred words in length, although the term is often misused to indicate a short story of fewer than 1000 words. The purpose of the drabble is brevity and to test the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space.

A Drabble for DragonFluff


Marjory drifts into the sunny kitchen, wincing in the bright summer sun. The dogs chase birds in the yard; the kids still snoozing away their summer freedom. The buzzing of the cicadas serves to amplify the precious quiet. A lazy peace surrounds her as she prepares the morning repast. The scent of fresh gingerbread will serve nicely to wake the kids. Setting out the ingredients, she meets her nemesis. Molasses. Stuck tight. Again. Pry it from the shelf. New shelf paper on the shopping list. Blanch the jar. Believe; twist. Pop. Thick, black, essential sweetness. Stir, bake; face the day.