June 7th, 2008


Graduation Party pics

Critter and his friend K, in front of the limo
Critter and his friend K
We rented a stretch limo to take Critter and eight of his friends to the Movie Tavern. The limo drove all over town picking up his friends, waited for them at the movie, delivered them to our house for dessert, then drove them all home.
Mac Cake - frosted white, it looks like the Mac apple with a bite taken out of it
Mac Cake
For years now, I've had the boys challenging me with cake ideas. It turns out that a cake shaped like the Mac apple was easy. We opted for the current white contoured apple over the original rainbow striped.
Mortar Board Cake - frosted blue like his cap and gown, with an icing tassel hanging down
Mortar Board Cake
He also asked for a cake shaped like a graduation cap, including a hanging tassel formed out of icing. The picture doesn't really do this justice.
His diploma
His diploma
It was Flar's idea to decorate the room with all of his awards. This is his actual diploma.