March 10th, 2008

Winter, Renata Snowflake

Very Lazy weekend

I've run three loads of laundry and folded none. Flar and Tigger made a nice dinner tonight, so I have dishes ahead of me tomorrow. As well as some catch-up on general house straightening and keeping up with finances. And a bunch of church related stuff.

And I've still got 29 entries to read for LJ Idol voting. Gah!

We got actual snow on Friday and Saturday. The first snow was showy and innocuous. The streets were slushy but fine. and the air looked like the inside of a snow globe. Then it all cleared up. But I knew there was more coming, so I asked Flar to drive me to The Mat and pick me up. He ate dinner at a Columbian restaurant north of town and hung out there, practicing his Portuguese (they understood it pretty well). When we woke up on Saturday, the rest of the snow had arrived. But our six to ten inches forecast had netted us a measly two or three inches. Oh well. Enough to cover the yard, and stick around a bit.

Tigger covered the kitchen window with snowballs, because he said it was too bright inside. Dizzy loves the snow; Flood hates it. We agree that Flar's car is the safest for snow driving, and the roads were slick yesterday. Critter had a KESDA banquet downtown, so he dropped me off at the 5s and picked me up. The college students have fled town for Spring Break, so I was filling in with the 2s.

Flar let us drive his car again this morning for church, but the roads were pretty much fine. I napped after lunch, had a yummy dinner, then vegged out on Yahoo tonight with Twirly and Spydie and Cal and Ewok and Gnomey. Popfiend popped in awhile as well. I've promised kitchen cam sometime this week. We'll see if I can get Yahoo to work as well with the kitchen computer as it did with my laptop. (Cause, I think I can get the mic to work on the kitchen computer.)

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Monday Morning

French Toast breakfast == Bleary eyed, dragging in late to the kitchen, quick fix meal.

Done my homework, started some admin work, just got an update call re that, started some laundry, and finished voting IN TIME! Yay!

Tigger's bday is tomorrow, so I have some calling to wrt that. We're doing dinner at Joe B's, and getting him laptop memory, Wii points, and some replacement game disks (part of my calling). I'm also to look in to cooking classes at WS.

Need to call the in-laws regarding Easter dinner.

Need to feed the laundry.

Back to work.
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