March 4th, 2008

Clean Sweep, Renata Broom

Terrific Tuesday

Looks like the Big Two in today's primary are still too close to call...

I had a nice Tuesday. It started out with pancakes for breakfast and time to sit down with my No Stones homework for a bit. Then I hopped over to the church to brainstorm about the new KQJr decorating scheme with V and S. The new theme is a railroad theme, and we're redoing the pole in the middle of the hallway as a railroad crossing sign. I volunteered to make the sign bits and investigate flashy lights, and bonus, I found a spare sheet of foam board in the front hall.

When I got home, Flar invited me out to lunch, since he was working from home today. We tried out the new Chinese buffet in Nicholasville. The selection was decent, and I liked the food I ate. A bit too much, really -- I ate a bit more than I really should have.

After lunch, I went to pick up Tigger and we picked up groceries at Sam's Club. Just a few items, plus assorted fruits and cheeses for a light dinner.

I finished the finances and dishes yesterday, so the chores are down to a dull roar. Flar transferred some money into the checking account so that tomorrow I can pay the few bills paid by check. I wrote a distressingly rambling entry for Open Topic, and my ever so amazingly kind partner is reviewing it and editing it for me.

But the exciting part of Terrific Tuesday was my visit by our Life Group's very own Clean Sweep team. Inspired by the show (that I have yet to watch), they are organizing each of our sub-groups into teams to tackle tough tidying tasks. I've volunteered to be a target, and they came over tonight to scope out the mess. They shared excitement with me on the rather overwhelming project represented by the present laundry room/future craft room. Even with up to 11 of us working together, it's hard to imagine being able to get enough done in the hour or so of time that we're allotting to it -- our normal Life Group time, less travel to and from the church (where childcare happens). But J was incredibly encouraging in her dry manner. She and P both really seemed inspired to tackle the big job. J reminded me that there are about six weeks between now and then, and offered suggestions about how I could prepare for the day. Including assigning me homework: watch at least three hours of Clean Sweep between now and then.

This could be amazing. :)

And now, it's once again bedtime. Tomorrow is another day.