February 19th, 2008

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Late to bed, early to rise.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day -- perhaps that will keep the sleepy away. Talking to my boss today, it seemed clear I don't have to worry about being up working tomorrow night, so I'll aim at going to bed ontime tomorrow night. :)

Today: breakfast; started laundry -- ran four loads through the machines, need to tackle the clean stuff now, and run through more dirty loads; fixed a hot lunch for Critter, who was home from school for President's Day; helped Tigger clean out his locker and cleaned up his binders a bit while he worked on homework; started in on my bits for the next 2nd St Stage. Going to bed late after reading through yesterday's LJ and today's LJ Idol updates and then answering email.

Critter's getting sick, now. No fever yet, so it may just be a cold. He's staying home from school tomorrow to finish up the Presidential Scholar application (essay questions), and I've rented some movies for him from iTunes: The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini, Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, and Mars Needs Women to watch after he's done with the essays.

  • Breakfast - French Toast; Clean Kitchen
  • Finish Tickety, Start in on Window (projects for 2SS)
  • 8:45 am Leave to pick up V and her kids and head to Quest
  • 9 am - noon Work on 2nd St. Stage
  • At Home:
    • Phone Calls
    • More Laundry
    • Sam's & Kroger lists
    • Sort Mail
  • 2 pm Leave to pick up Tigger
  • Sam's
  • Library - homework
  • 5 pm Tutoring Club
  • Kroger

I suspect I shall be inclined to be a couch potato once I get home for the night. ;)

I almost forgot to mention: I made it through another week of LJ Idol -- Thanks to everyone who voted for me!!! I think there are now 57 competitors. This weeks topics are a choice of "My Biggest Challenge" or "Write a harlequin romance scene. Starring zombies." I think I may have an angle at this. Now to see if I can write it in the hour that Tigger is in Tutoring Club.

So yeah. Sleep time. Better late than none.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

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19% charge in the battery, and I left the power adapter at the library (called; it's safe in lost and found until I pick it up tomorrow).

Day changed; lots undone; lots to do; backing up laptop in case I want to look at something via Time Machine from Critter's laptop after mine dies. (His has the new magnetic connector, so I can't use it.)

Back tomorrow. BRING SPOONS.