February 16th, 2008

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Reminder post for when I have time to write

I wanna write up Valentine's, but sleeping is more important.

I wanna write up the Mat tonight, too. Try to put into words the power of approaching as "prosaic and trivial" a problem as weight and broken eating patterns from a God perspective. To record and remember the the significance of learning to trust God. To write about the Second Step. To write about the hard, hard questions ahead.

I wanna find the time to write while it's still reasonable to invite to worship times for the weekend.

But first, sleep. Then food. Then service. And then can be play time?

Critter is taking a test tomorrow for a physics competition. And I think there's a blowing stuff up section to it as well.

I presented to him a reasonable plan for when he starts testing egg cradles, but I've requested that he attempt to minimize loss of comestibles. I likes my eggy treats, I do.

Silliest post I've read today: (stolen from Think Geek, apparently) Thundercats, as explained in Lolcat.
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