February 12th, 2008

bundled up, walkabout, snow

quick notes

Still resting up from teh sik. Cleared the kitchen table today. Wrapped a prezzie for Flar. Planning to pick up a Valentine Prezzie tomorrowish. Okay two prezzies. No baking a cake - we're doing P.F. Chang's, and I'm gonna tell 'em it's his birthday. :) Oh, but I did make waffles. Go me.

Caught up on bills. Caught up online reading. Written my LJ Idol entry. I'm thinking of making "one page in 12 point" a personal goal from now on - it enforces much tighter editing. I cut some, rewrote others, and it really does read better than the first wordy draft.

Time to get myself decent for dinner out. Haven't left the house since Friday. Wow.

Being seriously confused by the music/sound effects from the next room. I keep thinking I should be able to recognize the movie.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Flar's Birthday

I dragged my skanky body out of bed and showered and washed my hair and dried it, and put on make-up for Flar's birthday dinner. He seemed to appreciate it. I needed a chair for the last bit of hair-drying. But that means less effort before dinner tomorrow night, as my hair will only need brushing.

We had lots of different dishes at P.F.Chang's, all of which were delicious. Knight and Ro gave Flar a DVD player designed to make regular DVDs look better on a HD TV. We got him a Big Red Cordless Phone. It looks like an important phone line telephone; he really loves it. He laughed at all his cards -- his dad gave him one with a picture of a pretty girl, with rectangles strategically placed. The cover promised that rectangles were removed on the inside. They were -- there were two rectangular holes. Knight and Ro gave him a card with a picture of Grant peeking through the hole in the front, but the rest of the bill wasn't inside the card. The boys and I gave him a card with a cute dog describing birthdays: "first they set your dessert on fire, then they laugh at you while you try to blow it out."

The table groaned with food, and we all took home leftovers. Many of us had the mini-banana split for dessert; Ro had a mini S'more. Mini desserts are just the right size!

After dinner, Tigger talked me into some Wii billiards; once I got the hang of it, I did pretty well.

Tired now. Tomorrow I have a big day of driving ahead of me.