February 6th, 2008

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Last whine of the night, I promise

Albuterol tastes nasty! Flar told me that was what's in his red inhaler. bleh.

Just came back to bed after a brief family gathering in the family room. Who the heck designed tornado sirens to sound like the wind blowing? Come, on! Okay, so maybe it's the effect of living this far away from city center. Whatever. I've worn myself out again, climbing upstairs to ask Flar whether he thought it was the wind or the sirens, then getting the boys to come downstairs.

I'm very good at sounding calm during a tornado warning WHEN I CAN'T TAKE IN A COMPLETE BREATH! Sorry, this is the only place I can yell right now.

No local impact. We muted the TV a few times to listen to the storm, but it was only windy rain, no freight trains. Channel 27 has prettier radar, but the Channel 18 had a more reliable power supply for their transmitter.

The dogs like tornado warnings. More couch time. Flood was particularly stubborn about going back into the crate.