January 24th, 2008

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Sometimes I just feel like screaming.

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On the brighter side, while Tigger was at Tutoring Club for 2 hours today, I got a bunch of receipts entered into Quicken and got half-way through balancing the checkbook. I'm planning to finish up tomorrow morning at 3rd Street, along with catching up on reading.

Critter is busily playing Mad Scientist. A friend of mine in Life Group had an Indigo iMac sitting in a closet, and offered it to me if I could find a use for it. Critter is spiffying it up for his friend Minnie. (I shall name her after her Halloween togs.) Last night he put Panther on it, in a clean install, wiping the hard-drive. Tonight, he found two 256MB memory cards of the right variety to replace its single 128MB card. They were in an old HP that has a blown power supply. When he came downstairs asking to put a mighty mouse on the kitchen computer, I directed him to an unused mouse in my rolltop desk. (Yes, I prefer NOT to have a right clicky mouse. Call me weird) Anyway, when he determined that the memory card would work in the iMac, he came down declaring "IT'S ALIVE" in that Mad Scientist sort of way.

Brighter news, Critter is a candidate for Presidential Scholar. It's an honor that his father received, so Flar is particularly jazzed. Now there's a complicated form, a press release, etc. etc. But, I won't be telling Harlan Sanders that I'm Aunt Jemima, cause he's dead now. (Old family story)

Girly stuff. My big toe decided its nail was too long last night, and tore it on something. Then I found out this morning that my nail appt was for hands AND FEET. yay! My toes are all nice and small again, and K paid special attention to the feisty cuticle on my big toe. I also got her to take my finger nails "all the way down." With pink and whites, it's not so obvious, but hey! I have fingertips again!! I'm going to see if I still have tips in three weeks, as that is how long I prefer to go between visits.

My phone is back to its tricks of freezing up, and I'm almost positive it's a flaw in the bluetooth protocol routines in its software. The little plastic cover over the infrared leds and, more importantly, that held the sound on/off switch in place is lost. So I can't turn all sounds off with one easy button any more. I did re-discover doing this with the side controls, but it only goes down to 1 out of 7, not to off. Anyway, add the two irritants together, and dangle the prospect of full synchronization (including pics and groups in address book) and I've decided to get an iPhone in September for my birthday.

Thus, wanting my fingertips back.

Okay, I'll calmed myself out of the need for a scream. Time to make the brownies.