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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Family weekend
After a couple of breaks for sleep and movie, Flar won the monopoly game. Tigger got upset because of how "big" a win it seemed. It was actually pretty even, until Critter made the mistake of letting a monopoly go to Flar when he had enough money to develop it, and things quickly soured from there.

I only managed to buy four properties in this game, due to visiting jail early on. But I made Flar work for it, getting them off of me.

I was rather proud of Tigger, really. Critter went bankrupt to him, not to Flar, and then Tigger cost Flar a total of $1006 in mortgage transfer fees and paybacks (Flar's decision to un-mortgage them, of course), when Tigger went bankrupt to Flar over failure to pay a $900 rent. And, he was only $300 short, in the end. But, Flar had tons and tons of $500s, so Tigger just couldn't see any good in it.

We met Knight and Ro at the theatre, taking the boys to see Johnny English. It was enjoyable, although immensely silly, which I was expecting.

I was going to make pineapple meatloaves for dinner tonight, but Critter didn't actually take the hamburger meat out when I asked him to, and I didn't follow up until later, so we had chicken nuggets instead.

Flar took the boys school supply shopping today, while I worked on getting my Palm calendar up-to-date, and verified that I had all the dates for school in it. I tend to let the calendar slip a bit in the summer. I even hotsynced tonight, woo-hoo!

I didn't make out lists, but I did get Tigger to go through the class list with me, and I marked down girls and boys. Some of the names are rather ambiguous. Now to add them to the invitation list so that I can print and mail invitations tomorrow.