December 11th, 2007

Anime-me meme

First Sentence Meme

(First meaningful sentence of each month)

Jan 2 - Today was an aggressive program of rest.

Feb 2 - Last Wednesday, when even Fayette County cancelled classes and Sayre didn't, then it didn't snow, we tried to figure out the last time school was cancelled for real snow.

Mar 4 - Tigger won his first game -- against a 7th grader!

Apr 7 - I've been following spydielives's progress in LJIdol.

May 2 - This week, a deep black hole, apparently.

Jun 4 - I usually don't do tag-lists but for Knight, I'll make an exception.

Jul 3 - We had beautiful outdoor event weather on Saturday night.

Aug 3 - This is what happens when the vacation is all-engaging.

Sep 4 - My laptop is in Kenwood again.

Oct 2 - Flar, Critter and Tigger made me a cake for my birthday.

Nov 1 - We've gotten the Tempur-pedic mattress, and it's difficult to resist.

Dec 1 - I responded to laurelian's PIF post, so here is mine:
Twinned Daisy

A Day in San Juan

It's really San Juan Capistrano, but the locals just call it San Juan. (apologies to Freberg & Butler)

We had another lovely breakfast in the room this morning. This time, I had the Strip Steak Benedict (wherein a steak plays the roll of the english muffins and the ham, and there is a bit part for tiny asparagus), and Ro had the Bagels and Lox. Look for pictures in Ro's journal after we get back. Yes, we both like taking pictures of food.

After a leisurely breakfast and a generous helping of online time, we meandered to the lobby to catch our taxi to the mission. We spent quite a bit of time wandering through the mission and its gardens, taking pictures, listening to the audiotour, and generally taking it all in. While we were there, we watched a video clip about the making of the retablo for the Basilica.

We had lunch at a Ruby's diner in town, which was all duded up for Christmas. The diner had a train circling the dining area (and running behind the kitchen) on a track suspended from the ceiling; the engine was pushing a big green star. There was a much larger model locomotive on a rotating circle in the center of the dining area, and for Christmas, Santa was standing on the platform with it, hawking Ruby's gift cards.

After lunch, we walked to a petting zoo on the Historic Homes side of the railroad tracks. Best Petting Zoo Evarrr!! There were emus, llamas, ponies, goats, alpacas, a donkey, pigs, many varieties of smaller birds, and bunnies and guinea pigs. There were resting pens and petting pens so the animals wouldn't get too much people exposure. There were free-roaming roosters on insect patrol. The petting enclosure for the bunnies and guinea pigs was my favorite. I have now officially been swarmed by bunnies. Too much fun. :)

We walked back up to the basilica, just to see the retablo. I'm so glad that we did. The church is quite beautiful, and the retablo itself is just magnificent. After that, we warmed up with latte and hot chocolate at Starbucks, and then walked over to the depot to grab a taxi back to the room.

This vacation is offering quite the opportunities for leisurely strolling sort of exercise, and the weather is certainly cooperating. It's been sunny and cool, but not too cold to be out walking. Tomorrow is a another spa day, with each of us scheduled for a mudwrap, massage and vichy shower. I'm planning to bring my suit and book with me, and soak in the jacuzzi tub after.

Now for reading. :)