December 8th, 2007



Last night, I got the rest of the laundry washed. All the dirty sorting baskets are either empty or have plenty of room; Flar and the boys have carried off their clothes, and I have a few bits on the jacuzzi top to put away when I feel like walking around the house.

I washed all the dishes that were currently in the kitchen, loading up the drainboard and five dish towels with clean dishes to air dry. The kitchen table currently has some stuff for each of Flar and the boys, but it is otherwise clean, as is the microwave, all the counters including the area behind the sink, and the stovetop. I threatened to hide the stove control knobs, when I asked Flar and the boys to keep the stovetop clean. :)

So far today, I've cleaned out the game closet enough to be able to close the cabinet door again, and gone through the Crate of Stuff and sorted it all. Now I'm kicking back for a bit before I start in on finances and bills. At some point, I need to go out and pick up prescription, pick up new ink for the kitchen printer, and drop off some rings to repair/resize.

Oh, and as soon as yesterday's load of delicates finishes air-drying, I need to pack. Knight is picking me up at 7 in the morning.

Now, to enjoy some LJ before I get back to work.