November 16th, 2007

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Beowolf 3-D

Oooh, and a free movie card, too. There were a few flickers on the right side of the screen, early in the movie, so they handed out passes on our way out.

The movie was fun, still the frequent use of "ooh, we're in 3-D" debris flying out of the screen, but the story was there, and the 3-D was often just very natural. Texture mapping is really getting quite good, but the movements are still too fluid.

But, the real reason I wanted to comment was that when Grendel and his mother broke into Old English, I swear, it was LOLGrendel! Heh.

Busy Day ahead.
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LJ Idol

It's Voting Time Again

Once again, it's time to step up and vote in the LJ Idol competition. There are some absolutely great writers participating; I'd like to draw your attention to the following entries:

Please vote for me, if you think my entry is worthy. I'm still in the second tribe (although some of the tribe membership *has* moved around a bit). Click on the banner to get to the poll. And remember, you can vote for as many people as you like. Vote for me, and consider voting for the other wonderful writers you'll find there.

Voting Banner

Edited to Add
I forgot to mention that the poll is open until 1pm EST on Monday 19 November. Thanks!
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