November 4th, 2007


First Speech Tournament

Oh so early in the morning. I did NOT follow the team vans, which left school at 5:30 this morning. I got to Boone County High School between 9 and 9:30. The first round was already fully in swing. The amazing breakfast repast was spread in the hospitality room, and there was quiet. Everywhere.

Speech tournaments are nothing like chess tournaments. All competitors were in suits; all students were either competing, practicing or observing. It was quiet. Adults were in a separate lounge. Did I mention the amazing, ever changing, buffet of food for the adults? The assumption is, that an adult is present at the tournament in order to participate as a parent judge, or is there in the capacity of coach. The hospitality room feeds all of the adults.

Critter was perfectly content hanging with the team, and never sought my company. (In that good, independent way, not that bad, Mom is uncool way. ;) I timed for a round of poetry, and talked to the judge after the round, to get a better understanding of judging. I observed finals in prose. I volunteered to judge in the competition next week. Critter will be competing. I have a goal of getting Critter to practice for me sometime this week, as I have yet to hear his material.

Beyond the quiet, the total lack of chaos, the actual, working schedule -- the pieces presented by the students are interesting material. I enjoyed the day, and left feeling filled rather than drained. I was still pretty sleepy by the time I got to Knight and Ro's, though. They were driving to the party tonight, or I'd have passed.

The LexFA Halloween party was fun, as usual. Ro's "Mrs. Roamin' Gnome" was quite entertaining, and she ended up with Best in Show. (The costumes ended up scattered between categories enough that the individual categories were scrapped in favor of a total-votes best in show methodology.) I was pleased to see that the Kitsune - Fox Spirit costume took 2nd place, as it was quite good work. The body, though based essentially on sweats, was well done. But it was the head that got my attention. Fully sculptured, well proportioned shape, with simple materials. And he even made an ears-headband, to wear when the full-head was taken off.

3rd place went to Dorian and his bride, who split up a camouflage suit (pairing respectively with black shirt, black skirt), to become ...

the is really bad, I'm so sorry ...

Joe and Jane, the Upper and Lower GIs.

Also garnering attention in the voting were the Wide Load Witch (she had a pleasant-looking witchy costume that emphasized her cushy hips, and a sign on her broom that said "Wide Load"), and Dr. Acula, in Black Scrubs with a stethoscope and a name badge.

I was incredibly sleepy riding home in the back of Knight's car, woke up effectively in my chilly bug (which was comfortably warm before the end of the 7 minute ride home), and now I'm running out of steam again. Tonight's a night to be quite grateful for that extra hour. AND for the DST button on my clock, which makes it so easy to change my Main Wakeup Device.

bundled up, walkabout, snow

List for tomorrow.

But first, physics.

Critter needed to visualize his homework, so he was using the fireplace tools stand, string and miscellaneous objets de masses. I couldn't set up an equation for the bit he was stuck on, but I could point out the significance of "weightless string" and "frictionless pully" to setting up the equation. Heh, when I offered to help, he pointed out that I took physics pass/fail. I pointed out that he hasn't gotten to electromagnetics, yet. ;)

And, no matter that my strength and preference was for math and science, I am a literate person. I was asking about "who's that guy with the pendolum?" I came up with three answers without batting an eye: Foucalt, Poe, Damocles. Why is it the names that stick, not the formulary?

And now the list.
  1. 6 Shower, Breakfast
  2. 7 Take Tigger to Sayre
  3. Quiet Time
  4. Straighten the Family Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Jacuzzi Room, Laundry Room, Bathroom, Closet and Bedroom
  5. Dishes
  6. Paperwork
  7. Fun Stuff - LJ, email, birthday planning
  8. 12:30 Leave for Unfacilitated Synergy, then Pick up Tigger
  9. Pick up wherever I left off in the at-home list
  10. 10 Bedtime, no work for the beginning of the week.

I did not use any available weekend time for productivity, thus I'm planning on starting the week out strong tomorrow. Here's hoping.

In the overview of the week, I've got Synergy Monday, French Tutoring Tuesday, HVAC Maintenance Wednesday, Forensics Thursday and the usual busy Friday. Flar's due home from Dubai on Saturday. Forensics tournament on Saturday, then Critter's birthday on Sunday.

Busy busy busy.