November 2nd, 2007

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Plan for the weekend

I wrote this out for a comment, but decided to put it here where I can refer back to it...

(And it also makes a handy bookmark for reading LJ before I pick up TIgger.)

Exciting - my first speech tournament. Critter won't be competing; he's going as part of the team. I won't be judging, but I'll be shadowing a judge to get a better feel for it.

Fun - LexFA costume party. The way people talk about speech tournaments taking all day, I wasn't sure I'd be able to go, but the awards ceremony is scheduled to start by 5pm, earlier than most chess tournaments. Piece o cake! Anyway, I've an easy costume, so I'll just bring the makeup with me and primp in the car with Critter driving.

Necessary - Laundry, paperwork and house cleaning. While we were concentrating on the bedroom, the rest of the house got neglected. Critter did a lot of cleaning for his party, but unfortunately, that means some things got stuffed.

Fun - When asked, Flar expressed a preference for me finishing the deep organizing in the bedroom, rather than going on to the next room for cleaning. Which means I get to tackle my jewelry next.

Fun - Wrapping birthday presents and planning remaining shopping for Critter's 18th birthday.

Scheduley -
2:45 leave to pick up Tigger
5 leave for The Mat
5:45am (shudder) leave for speech tournament
6:30-7pm meet Knight and Ro to drive to LexFA party
10 leave for Quest: work one service, worship one service

Flar's away, so the mice with play. We've enough pizza leftover from the party that I won't be cooking for days. ;)