September 22nd, 2007


Sleepover Date

Just sitting in the family room, vegging in front of the little screen, catching up on email and LJ.

Flar and I had a sleepover date for date night last night. We got a late start - he left Louisville late, and I wasn't exactly sitting on my hands ready for him when he did arrive. We headed downtown for the Festival Latino de Lexington on the courthouse plaza. They had yummy food and lively music, and there was plenty of pleasure people watching. We strolled around the plaza enjoying the party, then had a bite of dessert across the street at A La Lucie.

After that, we drove to the Griffin Gate Resort and check in. Our room had a king-size tempur-pedic mattress. Test driving the mattress was why we picked the Marriott. It passed with flying colors, and we're looking forward to replacing our 25 year old mattress. Our stay included their breakfast buffet. It was a little hard to leave the comfy bed this morning, but the breakfast was a great reward.

We finished off our date with snacks and drinks at the Movie Tavern, where we watched good luck Chuck. It was a cute movie, definitely not the boys' cup of tea. There were a few relatively explicit physical scenes, and a short clip of extreme penguin violence. Very funny, though, and a nice happy ending. :)

Flar's napping, Critter and Tigger are still heading back from a futile quest for school books (there is a security system active on the weekends?), and I'm watching Worship at the Fives on the cool livecast.