August 30th, 2007


My map-fu

Flar just called me for help. It seems that I-64 is shut between exits 58 & 53. He couldn't get his car to tell him an alternate route, so he asked me to find one. Google maps to the rescue!

Meanwhile, the plumber showed up bright and early. He's fixed the toilet in the blue bathroom and the shower, and now he's putting new innards in the toilet in the brown bathroom. It, by the way, had water in it when we looked at it -- put it refilled really slowly. So I asked him to replace the innards, which Flar has accused as the culprit.

I've already fixed breakfast, read email, lj and the comics. Done the Thursday crossword, and I shall return to the Sodoku and the Jumble while waiting for the plumber to finish up.

I've various errands to run today, including donating blood and QPZA at the church. I don't have to pick Tigger up from school, as it conflicts with QPZA. We've arranged for Critter to pick up Tigger for the duration of QPZA.

My goal at home is to clean the kitchen (minor task), then whip the jacuzzi room back into shape and run some loads of laundry. I've also got a few at-home tasks leftover from bills-stuff.

Work appears to have dribbled away to nothing. I didn't call in yesterday, but I shall today. Flar likes having me at home, and he's bringing in more money, so it's probably for the best.
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