August 23rd, 2007

Twinned Daisy

Thursday Twiddle

Okay, so the thing with an all-day post done in pieces, is the mood and music tend to reflect the end of day. Done with that. Right now, color me amused. Ouchie likes pill pockets. Only Ouchie gets pill pockets; Flood comes over and begs when I give Ouchie her pills.

This morning, I gave Flood a full-size marshmallow. She is confused by marshmallows. Marshmallows are not food, and yet, Mommy gave me one as food. It rolls like a ball. Perhaps if I play with it, it will reveal its food nature. Flood made the marshmallow roll around, caught it repeatedly, eventually took off with it into the family room and left it un-eaten.

I gave marshmallows to Dizzy and Ouchie, as well. Dizzy decided the marshmallow was food enough to take to safety for examination; she hid under the computer desk with it. Ouchie just ate hers. One of her pills is prednisone. Ouchie will now eat anything. Dizzy kept trying, but something about the texture of the marshmallow marks it as not-food.

I am amused by dogs and marshmallows.

Flar just called. He asked me to look up an address for him on his desk. Mutter, mutter over stair climbing. I am fat and out of shape. I try to arrive to church early enough to catch my breath after walking up those stairs, before we start singing. Last night I was breathless. This morning, my knees creak and complain and my feet try to get into the act. They are all trying to get attention away from my shoulder, I know. The address was easy enough to find. On my way out of his office, I found more amusement.

Last week, when we began the most recent season of shopping, with the stated goal of school supplies, Flar asked me for stickies. I found some adorably cute, shaped and colored stickies, that came with bling. We bought Flar ordinary stickies, but put the purple, bling covered, flower-shaped stickies at his place.

He brought it up to his office.

My husband amuses me in small ways. When he is completely unaware of annoying me, or unconvinced of any grounds for annoyance, like last night, he most closely resembles a 10 year old boy. No malice, no return annoyance, just get it out of your system, can I go now? I need to look on that with fondness rather than more annoyance.

No longer cranky this morning.

Imagining purple flower sticky adorned memos floating about his Louisville office, with a single rhinestone for accent.

Just a fantasy. I took the stickies back for me. :)
bundled up, walkabout, snow

On being a daywalker

weird. Winding down for the night, realizing I've hours (well, more than one, if not quite two) between fixing breakfast in the morning and leaving for Life Group, Which means I don't have to do all sorts of last minute printing tonight - I can do that in the morning.

Heck, I'll have time to print stuff and then shower.

Weird, this going to bed at 10:30 at night.

Today was pamper-me day: paraffin treatment on my feet while I got my nails done, then a makeover in the evening.

Today was Ouchie's sixth chemo treatment. She's doing very well, and doesn't have to go back for three weeks. She got to ride along to Sayre with me to pick up Tigger. We walked in the grassy area of the circle driveway while we waited for school to let out. Ouchie is a very nice car companion.

I made a tactical error tonight. I chose spaghetti and meatballs as a quick meal, before I looked in the spaghetti-sauce-free pantry. Enter 3 cans of diced tomatoes, 1 blender and a lively spice cabinet, stage left. The error? Critter likes my sauce better than the jar stuff. Flar says go easier on the thyme, but he liked it, too. Tigger would prefer I blend the tomatoes finer, and liked the flavor. They all seem to like homemade over pre-made. Ah well, points for mom-fu.

Then I got to have fun. I was invited to "Model Night" by my Mary Kay Consultant. Hmm, perhaps a good classical evil temptress name? She's got long curly red hair to die for, and keeps talking me into buying more product. I absolutely LOVED the lips in the look we tried tonight, and got a few more tips on applying makeup. I also used my own brushes tonight, and got positive comments on how well I blended. Pictures to follow when she emails them to me.

And now, look at me, going to bed on time!