August 20th, 2007

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Summer Idleness Draws to an End

Flar caught me. His phone was dead, and his charger isn't working, so he didn't call to let me know when he was on the way home from Cincinnati. Not only was the house a mess, but I was sleeping.

Flar is back from a quick trip to England. The story is that he found out I was having a Mary Kay Pampering Session, so he fled the country. In reality, the purpose was business, and the meeting went well. His flight over was a disaster, though. They were delayed leaving Cincy on Friday and missed their flight from JFK, so they had to stay overnight in New York. International to England allows for only one carry-on, which means that all of Flar's clothese were locked away in "in transit international" or some such. Then his luggage didn't find him on arrival in England Saturday night (Sunday morning?). He was able to get by with help from the Savoy and one of his business partners, though. And even with his Very Abbreviated Stay, he found time for shopping. He brought Tigger a chef's jacket from the Savoy, me chocolate and travel accessories, and Critter an empty coke bottle for his collection.

While Flar was gone, I had Scarlett, Ro and Alaska over for a Pampering Session. We had facials and Out-the-Door makeup, followed up by chocolate fountain with assorted dunking excuses. Bonus, I was able to receive the nifty lighted makeup mirror as a hostess gift, and bought lots more nifty products. Enough, that I need to sort through what I've got so far now, and get straight when to use what. I need to think up a nickname for my MK consultant (MKC for now), since she's very fun and friendly and makes lots of follow-up calls.

The party ran late enough to mean attending church on Sunday rather than Saturday, so I asked Ro about going to see Stardust Saturday instead of Sunday. The boys loved the Movie Tavern, Knight declared Stardust even better than The Princess Bride, and I absolutely loved my third (counting the audio book) experience of the story.

Theory was, that would leave me all day Sunday, after church, to work on paperwork or housecleaning. Instead, we went out to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a few more things (it's like school supply shopping spawns a season of shopping -- I'm hoping it's run its course now), and then I ended up watching TV instead of working in the evening. But, I did get to bed by a decent hour. I'm currently living a regular day schedule, as there hasn't been enough indexing to keep me up late recently.

Last Thursday was date night. MKC came over to teach me how to use my makeup brushes, and to give me a bright, outdoor, casual, date look. I liked the colors enough to get them all, so now I have dramatic, bright and neutral looks. Yay. The pictures are of me before, and me after the color session. Once I was pretty, and Critter was ready to drive me to meet Flar downtown, a huge thunderstorm rolled into the state. Flar was still at the office in Louisville when I called him. Even though Thursday Night Live has an indoor rain venue, I didn't want Flar rushing home in bad weather to get there before the music was over. Instead, I went back home with Critter (after a run to Staples to finish up his Back to School shopping) and looked up showtimes at the Movie Tavern. It seems as if it's been open for ages, but we'd yet to see a movie there. We selected Stardust, which had a late enough start time for Flar to pack for his trip before we left for the movie.

The food and decor at the Movie Tavern are great. It has the feel of a nice restaurant. Lots of dark wood and stone floor and framed movie posters for decor. There's a small waiting area with tables, as well as a full bar (with movie candy nestled in a cubby under the wine shelves). They served Yellowtail wines, a bunch of beers, and several frozen drinks, as well as martinis and the gamut of mixed drinks. The menu has appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and full plated entrees, as well as a few dessert choices. I told Flar I wanted to come back, while I was still perusing the menu for the first time. This is 'kin speak for "there are too many choices I want to try."

Stardust is a wonderful fantasy adventure. Lots of funny parts, great characters, and a classic meaningful bit with happy ending. I want to listen to the audiobook again, because the movie is bigger and more fantastic than I remember the book being. But it was all bigger in a good way, right for a movie. And didn't detract from the book, or make the book seem small. Yep, gotta re-read the book. :)

But now, alas, I go to bed before the approach of 11pm, even, as tomorrow is the first day of school for Tigger. I've no excuse not to be up to fix breakfast in the morning, and then perhaps I'll set to all that housework I'd put off. I do get the luxury of sleeping in fresh, clean sheets -- to make up for really messy house, I changed the sheets on our bed before Matt gave up to his jet lag.