August 14th, 2007

Bday Sleepover, Sleepover, Camping

Sleepover Mom is Sore

I know, "sleepover mom is sleepy" would be more lolcat, but I'm not sleepy. Good thing, since there's work tonight. My plan is to flee when Flar gets home, work, sleep, then make breakfast for Critter's first day of school and the sleepover kids: TIgger and friends.

I'm sore, because we put the house back together today.

Last week, I did two weeks worth of laundry from our trip, cleaned the kitchen, and fixed dinner most of the week. Friday, the repairman came to fix the still-leaking spa, and took one of the pumps with him. After he replaces the seals, he'll return to finish up.

Thus began the downward spiral of the jacuzzi room. The sub-panel cover was already off, with baking soda absorbing water from the soaked bottom portion. The stairs were already across from the spa, making entry via the backdoor a tight fit. The visit by the repairman left the cover folded to reveal an empty tub, and the equipment cover door leaning against the stairs.

Next, Flood tipped over the large water bowl, and we were busy enough at other whatever that we just threw work towels down on the floor of the laundry room. ...which Ouchie took to be pee pads, and annointed with her own fragrant essence.

We spent the rest of the weekend doing things like catching up on dishes, sorting mail and paperwork (which I now have in a nice, large pile ready to post in Quicken), and spending time together. (I won the 2-day Monopoly game)

...letting the jacuzzi/laundry room ferment.

I had enough errands out yesterday - eye doctor, synergy group, BB&B, Best Buy, EJHS Open House - that I only got another hour of paperwork sorting - no time for the jacuzzi room.

Today, we shopped for School Supplies and Sleepover Provender, and then came home and did amazing cleaning. I cleared out the kitchen. Critter put away all the School Supplies and groceries, including filling the Cooler with drinks. Tigger loaded all the foul towels into the washer, then sprayed down the dog crate tray & the wading pool and filled the dog beds with new cedar chips. I put the jacuzzi back together (ish), swept the jacuzzi room and mopped up spilled Cooler condensation, then Tigger sprayed and scrubbed and mopped up the laundry room. Then I finally sat down to clear up the mess that moved from the kitchen to the family room.

Now, the jacuzzi room/laundry room look (and smell) clean, the kitchen is clean, and family room is clean, and all my active paperwork stuff is in a crate by my chair in the family room. All the remaining clean laundry from last week is stashed in my bedroom. And I'm sore all over (I think it's the sweeping that does it to me).

I've got a few hours of work tonight, so when Flar arrives home from Louisville, we're switching off as responsible adults.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes at EJHS (Critter's school). It's also the first of the two feast days of Sts. Andy and Jane of the 3rd Street. So, I'm planning to make breakfast twice: the first will be ready to eat at 7:30, so that Critter can eat before he leaves for school. The second will be served whenever the boys wake up from their sleepover.

Flar should be home any minute now.