July 15th, 2007


Mini-update and Tie Dye Party Pictures

Wednesday night, Alaska and I made a Dr. Pepper Cherry Marshmallow Cake and a batch of Brownies for the party, as well as cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes.

Thursday, Critter drove us around since we got to sleep so late. I got my nails done, then we had lunch at Brooklyn pizza.

Next was this week's A-Team Mission Impossible. I'm a newly recruited member of the ninja forces of hospitality and surprise for the A-Team who is planning Questapalooza. This week's assignment was Kettle Corn, a favorite of Helen's. The caramel corn store at Fayette Mall is a different franchise these days, and they don't carry Kettle Corn. (Not that I know whether the old place did.) We settled down on comfy chairs while I swapped back and forth between Google Maps, Google and phone mode, looking for kettle corn. Turns out we could have picked some up after 5, downtown, but the A-Team meets at 4. No other leads, and running out of time, we settled for 3.5 gallons of caramel, and 13 empty single-serve boxes. At church, we set up the tables and chairs for the meeting, filled 10 of the 13 boxes (three people were going to miss the meeting), and mixed up lemonade.

Whew. Then it was time to go home and start setting up for the party. Critter put away all the clean dishes, then tackled what was left on the kitchen table. Alaska made signs for the cooler and helped me lay out the work area. It seems like my supply of work towels has dwindled. But I had all of them clean and available to use to soak up excess dye on the workspace. We set up the jacuzzi top as the dying area, the kitchen table as snacks and project books, and the counter by the sink for mixing new dye,

The party went well. The birthday girl showed up late, and one of the ladies from my life group even later (her day was even busier than mine) with her two kids. Ro showed up straight after work, while I was still mixing dyes, and helped set up the music playlist for the party while she waited for her project to soak. She had to leave early, to pick up Knight and meet up with friends from out of town. While she was still there, clan ThunderRavyn arrived in two cars (widely spaced in time). There were a few times that the dying workspace was pretty crowded. We ran out of the good gloves, and all pronounced the cheapie gloves miserable; we also used up the end of the plastic wrap. I've got a great supply of colors that should last through multiple parties, and a reasonable way of identifying projects.

These pictures are the handkerchiefs that were created at this party. I made 10 of them; the rest were made by various guests.

I fled the party around midnight, as I had work. By the time got home around 5am, I had already decided that it would not be prudent to attempt to stay awake for Life Group. Which is good, since I'd forgotten about an appointment that I had with Flar, at 11:30. I got enough sleep to be awake for that, and then sat in the break-room at work while Flar led a meeting there. I worked a short time on Friday night, too, which meant that I couldn't get to The Mat. I had to be asleep by a reasonable time for Saturday.

Saturday morning, Flar led a townhall meeting on immigration, sponsored by the Republican Party of Jessamine County. The idea is to find out what the local community holds in consensus, and present this to our representatives in DC. It's clear from the latest attempt at legislation that they don't have a clue -- at least, juding by the firestorm of constituent objections once the bill was in play. This is an attempt at the positive approach, now that the negative approach may have made our representative perk up their ears a bit.

I couldn't stay for the whole meeting. Critter and Tigger and I left early, so that we'd be able to get to the vet before noon. Ouchie is sick. She was enlarged lymph nodes, and Friday night she threw up her dinner. The vet has already run blood work and cytologies, but he took a new aspiration today, to see if they can find anything. We've been giving her antibiotics, which don't seem to help, and are probably what are making her throw up, He gave us pills for her for vomiting, which I had to used tonight, when she once again failed to keep her dinner.

Poor Ouchie. The vet seems to think she has Lymphoma, but the lab work doesn't support it. Yet. We may end up consulting a specialist, but if she can't tolerate antibiotics, how is she going to do on stronger chemical treatments?

Saturday afternoon was a time for Dr. Who and napping and rinsing out tie-dye. In the evening, we made reservations for our Canada Road Trip. After we set up hotels for Sandusky, Toronto, Montreal and White River Junction, I IMed with MHAIthaca about housespace in Ithaca, and then set up the trip in my AAA webspace. On my list of things remaining to do are buy tickets to Cedar Point and get maps at AAA.

A bit of geeking before bedtime, another round of partially digested kibble to clean up, and I'm off to another late bedtime,

When I wake, Sunday will be busy as well: working with the 2 years olds, attending the 11:55 service, striking the Republican tent at the Jessamine fair, then joining LexFA at Boonesboro park. If anything gets dropped it'll be due to a fit of sanity when considering how much house cleaning, laundry and packing I have ahead of me before we can leave town on Monday for Atlanta,.