June 27th, 2007

Renata reading book, Bookworm

A fun read

I've a gap in my booklist for the year, having lost the spreadsheet with my harddrive. Not sure how many books I lost on the list, so I'm just going to post when I've read or listened to something, and start fresh on July 1 for the latter half of the year.

Meanwhile, I was on the phone, and googling library software, which led me, through a series of dimly remembered associations, to this novelette. Read, enjoy!

Now back to my continuing task of data recovery. I've put all the new files back in the roll-top, put the crate with old files aside to file later in the big filing cabinets, and now it's down to serious downloading and reconciliation. By tomorrow, I hope to be able to tell Flar how much money we have, and how much we owe this month. I didn't have work tonight, so I decided to stay home from church to give myself the whole night to work on it.

I'm working via my usual slow, but amazingly thorough, if distracted, system. But I don't have to be anywhere until 1pm tomorrow -- I get rewarded for my work tonight by a pedicure tomorrow.

Earlier today, I called and got an RMA for the headset I bought Critter. It won't hold a charge. Packaged that up, and gave it to Critter to mail. He also made a Sam's run for me. Caught up on washing dishes; did some laundry. Called Apple about the 60G versus 100G drive issue - made notes about it, including today's call, getting together paperwork for them.

For dinner tonight, with less than 5 minutes prep and a little over an hour in the oven, I made yummy fish and chicken baked over a bed of mediterranean veggies and bowtie pasta. Gotta love helpful freezers.