June 18th, 2007


Saturday and Sunday of vacation

Composed early Monday morning, in the living room of the timeshare.

When last we left our hard-working heroine, she was packing for a week in the Ozarks. Once the filing was culled and readied for transport, the rest of the packing went smoothly. I went to bed around 3am, with everything ready to carry out to the car in the morning.

I probably got around 7 hours sleep; by the time I was awake, showered, and finished packing the car, it was 11am. We filled up the car, mailed some bills, and cashed a check before officially getting on the road. Then remembered in time to stop at Knight and Ro's for the 24 disks.
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Vague plans for the week involve exploring Branson tomorrow, seeing shows on Tuesday and Thursday or Friday, and meeting up with friends of my parents who live in the area. We'll probably go to the Bun-tossing restaurant with them. We're staying until Saturday, so there should come a point where I get to just chill out and relax.

For now, sleep.