June 12th, 2007


oh my, what a day!

kittens and dustbunnies and laundry, oh my!

My Lifegroup just formed new Synergy groups on Friday, and I invited my new Synergy group to meet here today. Timing of the meeting (7pm) allowed for me to schedule dinner with Spydie at 5:30, then the boys added on a trip to Best Buy with Tigger's sick computer. I do not remember being aware that when Mom spent $200 to get Tigger's computer cleaned of virii and spyware in February, all involved chose NOT to buy and install adequate protection. Sigh.

A 4pm walk-in did not, in fact, leave me any time for errands on the way to dinner, and I was relieved to hear on voice mail that I don't have work tonight. Dinner with Spydie was fun, and we had plenty of time for chit-chat. the portions there are just so big, though.

I made it to the house seconds after A, with K on my heels. She was unfortunately delayed by turning onto Catnip instead of Vince, however. Which gave A and I plenty of time to play with her daughter G, who is almost one. The boys weren't back from Barnes & Noble, then Fazoli's yet -- the plan was for them to watch G so we could talk without distraction. G had different plans, as she got fussy once the boys were here, so she joined us after all.

K left first, then A. While she was tucking G into her carseat, we heard the high-pitched peeps of a kitten, and there she was, right behind the back tire of her van. I had walked Flood out to the van with her, so A picked up the kitten and moved it to the grassy circle. She immediately returned to her station behind the tire. So I pulled up the slack on Flood's leash, and A handed me the kitten.

She took up a watchful post of my shoulder, and Flood tried to give her kisses while we watched A get on the road. I handed Flood's leash to Critter at the back door, and then put the kitten down in the yard. Tigger played with her a bit, then left her on the top step of the garage.

All three dogs, meanwhile were having fits, barking at the visible kitten. I put Flood, the loudest, outside, but we kept the Scotties in, as a kitten would be strong enough incentive for another escape attempt. Flood's too big to get past the fence (that is, now that we keep a lock through the gate latch -- before that, Flood figured out how to open the latch).

Now, kittens are not particular unusual in our neck of the woods, as we live next door to a working farm, which shelters barn kitties. They seem to like to nest on our property as being out of the way of the day-camp kids. Excitement over.

Until Critter heard the kitten in the dryer.

The vent cover has been broken for ages on our dryer vent, but this is the first incident of a kitten looking for warmth. By the time we'd tracked her peeps down, she'd gotten all the way into the nether regions of the dryer. I decided to call Knight for backup, and he brought the Cat Whisperer, Ro. (And his camera. Keep an eye on roina_arwen's journal for pics.)

As I sit here, we have two kittens in the old airplane kennel (big enough for two scotties). They have two towels, a bowl of water, tummies full of tuna (we found the Iams can after they'd eaten), and a TeenyBeeny dog to cuddle. Outside, by the backdoor, faced away from the door, and away from the yard. Korbel, the champagne colored one rescued from the dryer, seems to have a wound in her right armpit, and a weepy right eye. At night, it was hard to tell if these were existing wounds, or dryer inflicted. Boycat (who is no doubt female; I like the irony) is ginger colored, and looked a whole lot like an infant Tigger (Ro's Tigger, not mine. ;).

Even though they already have four cats, Knight seriously asked Ro if she wants Boycat. And Knight's the one with the horrible allergies. But, he also remembers how traumatic it was, when Tigger got lost for weeks. I've no idea where that discussion will go, but I know the best home we have to offer these sweeties is our garage. I've left a message with my old co-worker who is in the local pet rescue community, to help me arrange for proper medical care.

Oh, and the dryer? The vent hose tore as I was moving the machine out to get access. It was so full of lint that it's amazing we were drying clothes at all. Wal-Mart didn't have any hose kits, so Lowe's just got added to tomorrow's errand run. But, while we thought Critter was out bringing home a hose kit (and cat food), we cleaned out all the boxes and etc. that were under the sewing table. Thus begins the Big Summer Cleaning Project: my craft room!

Did I mention that my laptop harddrive crashed yesterday, and that the earliest appt. I could get at the Genius Bar (at the Apple store in Cincy) is tomorrow (I keep calling it tomorrow, but dammit it's not Tuesday until I sleep and wake up) at 11:40am. And Critter is flying to San Antonio from SDF at 6pm.

We're leaving the house at 8:30am, going to the bank, Lowe's, the Apple Store, then SDF. Except for the start-time (compared to the current clock time), everything looks reasonable. Tigger's staying home and taking care of the dogs and kittens.

But hey, I saved money on Flar's tire balancing errand: NTB declared the tires "cupped" (I've no idea if I'm using intelligible syntax here) and said no amount of balancing would take out the vibration. They also said the back tires are down to the wear bars. $0 spent at NTB for now. On the other hand, since they recommend four new tires (Flar's put almost 45,000 miles on the car since he got it late 2005), we're looking at $245 to $501 per tire, depending on his selection. Can wait til Daddy gets home.

Made a bunch of phone calls on my list. Left messages, heard back from some.

Washed Flar's car. Ordered the triptik.

I'm so looking forward to a week off with Mom and Dad. Knight's burning me the just-ended season of 24 to watch on vacation, and I've a nice stack of books to read. Just need to determine what craft to bring.

All I've left at home is:
  • Replace the dryer hose and vent cover
  • Finish off the laundry - probably 6 loads
  • Finish off the bill-paying
  • Misc. errands
  • Maintain the clean rooms

Oh, and so far in summer cleaning, we have four clean rooms: kitchen, family room, dining room and library. Excluding floors in all but the family room, which has been vacuumed.