May 13th, 2007


Home from retreat

Got home tired and wrecked.

Okay, all the sessions were good and I had good quiet time and smallish realizations, no big huge rush stuff like some people. Sore all over from climbing that hill 5 times - evening session Thu, morning session Fri, quiet time Fri, evening session Fri, morning session today. The food/sleeping was down the hill; the sessions were up the hill. The Fri evening campfire was an additional hill, so that make 6 climbs altogether, and I am just not that fit! And bonus, my car was parked at the highest point in the parking lot when it was time to drive it down to pack to go home -- they'd parked it for me on arrival, so that only counts as a one-way (but the up-hill way!) climb.

Many women gave their life to Christ or had wrenching "calls to more" ie, take a stretching next step in their walk. My revelations were of the smallish variety, pretty much summed up by discovering the longer, shallower walk up to the session hall, and getting some pretty strong reinforcement that a lot of my growth is to be of the baby-steps variety this coming year.

Melted down on Flar simply for not missing me enough while I was gone -- I think I was just worn out and needed to dump tons of energy fast and that's how it came out.

Doing some deep work in the Thin-Within workbook; glad of an extra week on this unit.

Tom-tom took me home on a scenic drive. Okay, so what is up with that? I can chose to avoid interstates, but not prefer them in routing? Pheh. My passengers were variously asleep or not hungry, so we didn't stop anywhere for lunch, and probably arriving home ravenous didn't help my general demeanor. I have already apologized to Flar for the warrantless meltdown, and I think we had a reasonably constructive talk about some of the side-issues. (The continuing one being: I get accounts completely reconciled, print checks and report, and give to him for input on what to pay; he doesn't get back to me. If I'd been home, I'd have stolen 15 minutes of his time to get it ironed out Thursday night, but he got home from Louisville hours after I left for the retreat. Not a big deal: maybe a total of 20¢ extra postage on Monday.)

I was exhausted and would have stayed home, but I signed up for the 5's launch team, and by golly I was home. So I went to church and totally recharged. What God Says about Jerry Springer was about conflict resolution, specifically within the church. Methodology laid out in Matthew 18; motivation clearly stated in John 17:20-23 -- Jesus staked his own credibility and identity on the quality of community found in the church. And no, as far as I know, we are not rife with disagreement in our church, but this is a subject taught often, so we are continually trained in the godly way to deal with conflict. "Conflict is inevitable; disunity is unacceptable." Anyway, great message. Worth a listen, if you don't care to/can't make it to any of the Sunday services.

In other news, in an attempt to get Tigger listening to the messages, rather than being dragged to services through which he tries to sleep, we're going to try (til the end of this series seems like a reasonable trial period) hainvg him listen to the podcasts as they come available, and then coming up with three (or more) topics to discuss. I suggested picking a curriculum; he countered with the podcasts, to avoid more reading. ;)

Prom night

Critter arrived home at 5 of midnight. We imposed no curfew, neither did her parents. I will post pictures later. They did not pose for the formal portrait at the dance, but her parents did get pictures of both of them. He left after I was already at church, and he and Flar managed to forget the flower. (I get an orchid for mother's day, as a result, so I can hardly complain.)

They did go out together today to pick up the tux, get Flar's car cleaned, and get cash for allowance.

It seems that Critter and his date had arranged to "double" with four other couples at Sal's. The reservation got mixed up however, so they had to wait a little for the table. He said the restaurant was a little loud - partly due to the location of their table. He said they both enjoyed the dance, and overall, he seemed happy.

There's a tricky balance in debriefing a date -- not pressing for details, but asking reasonably conversational questions to at least find out something. ;)

Oh, and her eyes are blue. I gave him the challenge of finding that out by the end of the evening. ;)

Critter looks great in a tux. We're going shopping in October when the used ones go on sale. It will definitely save him money in the long run.

Meanwhile, I have proposed to Flar that we alternate responsibility for our date nights, and suggested that he could finalize the planning this month, since we're going to Louisville and he has an idea about a restaurant. He's already settled up with Knight on the tickets, so he just has to make dinner reservations and let me know whether he's working in Louisville that day, so we can plan cars accordingly.

Big Booming Voice

Week two of Espresso Yourself, Helen taught us about saying "will you forgive me." Watched Spider-Man 3, which seems to have a pretty huge theme of forgiveness. So now Rodney's running around asking people for forgiveness.

Critter says God is using his big booming voice. I need to start really digging into whom I need to ask for forgiveness.
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