May 9th, 2007


Mother's Day Relaxation

This year for Mother's Day, I'm going away for two nights on a women's retreat with the women at Quest. Since I'm only 30 minutes away from leaving for church, then work, and have more bills to work on tomorrow before I leave, I doubt that I'll be online again before I get back.

Critter has reservations for two at Sal's; arrangements to drive Flar's car; and plans to get his dad help him with the arrangements for flowers. His tux is already paid in full and he has the receipt for retrieving it. I'm leaving a reasonable quantity of clean clothes in the house, and should be up-to-date on bills by the time I leave for church tomorrow. Critter picked up Tigger today, so I could do some data entry for the retreat, and he's picking up Tigger tomorrow so I can get finished with paperwork and packing.

I'm feeling unhurried, confident about leaving the house, and enthusiastic about the retreat.