May 6th, 2007

Busy Day

Fast-packed weekend, busy half-week ahead

May is a traditionally busy month. :)

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On tap for later this week is plumbing the upstairs kitchen, doing laundry, and going to the Quest Women's Retreat. Next week, I've got an appointment to take the dogs to be shot up and groomed, and I still haven't gotten around to making an appointment for Tigger to go back to his therapist. I also need to put together the schedule for the summer, and try to get Tigger scheduled for OT therapy for his handwriting.

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What God Says about Ted Haggard turned out to be about the Grace of Getting Caught. The main text was John 7:53-8:11, with allusions to Matthew 7, as regards judging others. In the John text, Jesus wrote in the sand. Although there is nothing in the text to say WHAT Jesus wrote, Pete suggested he wrote the names and sins of the men who were the accusers. While Pete was talking, Amber got up and started writing sins in a sand box (complete with overhead camera) and wiping them clean. Pete's message was about the extent of God's forgiveness, stretching before and even after we come to Christ.

Next week's message is What God Says about Jerry Springer. My guess is that the topic will be conflict. What do you think?