March 20th, 2007

Falling Apart

I have teh sick

Probably the infection that Critter had, that had him down for the count for a week. I woke up with all-over achy pain that felt like I'd been beaten up. I took ibuprofin and entex LA, then made an appointment to see the doctor. The ibuprofin took away the pounding headache, but I still had the severe body aches to present at the appointment. He prescribed antibiotic and Good Syrup ™ (the kind that can be abused, which means I have to be careful with it to avoid migraines, sigh.

Anyway, it hurts to sit or lie down, but it hurts worse to breathe deeply or walk around. My ambitious errand list for today got cut down to doctor, Wal-Mart (for SASSE stuff and easy dinner) and Kroger (for prescriptions).

Critter picked Tigger up from chess club for me, Tigger cooked dinner and Critter served it, and Flar took over the phone call to Z's mom to get the last details ironed out for tomorrow. Tigger is bringing dixie cups, trash can, german coins (East and West), euro coins, a map, a tablecloth, a piece of the wall, and his costume. He's planning to change at school, and he says he can get one of the teachers to tie his armor on him.

I'm planning to go to school around 1:30 to be able see Tigger, and I plan on taking plenty of pictures.

For now, I'm heading to bed to read, sleep, write exercises and listen to audiobooks, as the mood takes me.

Rest is good.