March 18th, 2007

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Catching up a little

For the Ides of March, Flar was bumped in morning traffic. No car damage, but since Friday, he's had lower back pain and stiffness. I'm encouraging him to see a chiropractor, but meanwhile he's been sleeping on the Lincoln bed with a heating pad. Our mattress is sorely in need of replacing; it's lumpy and not helpful for sore backs.

I was a lump of a thing of Thursday, after working Wednesday night, then staying up too late. I did manage to throw together a nice one-dish dinner of stuffed shells and meatballs in a red sauce, topped with mozzarella. All pre-made ingredients courtesy of Sam's club. Yay for quick throw-together meals that mimic homemade. Tigger stayed late at school to attend homework clinic for social studies work. We sat down to dinner together on Thursday evening after Flar got home from Louisville and worked out consequences.

Given the likelihood of a low grade in that class, we made Tigger earn his request for friends to come over during the weekend with a four item worklist. The first two items were an essay and outline (since that's the work that he didn't do properly for class), and as events played out, he was given the opportunity by his teacher to re-edit his class essay for credit. Flar worked with him through three more drafts before they were satisfied with it. Then Tigger wrote out a great outline for a factual essay on Paris for the benefit of a tourist or prospective resident. The third work item was cleaning his room, which took only an hour and half. Since he cleaned his room thoroughly himself a few weeks ago, he's been able to keep it much nearer to right. The fourth item was painting the metal works for the costumes. He did a very thorough job of that, as well.

He also helped me around the house on Friday. It was a "records day" off from Sayre, as Thursday was the end of a marking period. Then poor Tigger, T couldn't come over because he was sick, and L was working on HIS social studies on Saturday. But L came over Saturday night and came to church with us this morning, so Tigger got his company.

We went to see Ghostrider on Saturday evening (before L came over). I enjoyed it. It was interesting to see how a story about selling one's soul could still manage to include nobility and courage.

Ro and Knight brought The Prestige over to watch here on Saturday night; that was definitely a movie about obsession. I understood part of the hidden bits before they were revealed, but didn't anticipate others. I loved the bit with the silk hats.

This morning was the kick-off service for the Easter series at Quest. It's featuring the music of U2. The new set was great, and the music was wonderful. Pete told his story about getting lost in DC with a couple of other guys, which is a belly laughing classic.

After church today, we had to return L and run three errands, including grocery shopping. It was a gorgeous day for a Sunday drive in the country, which is exactly what we got to do. :) Critter did all the driving, and we deliberately took more scenic choices of route whenever possible. We got home just in time to turn around and leave for Yamamoto's, to celebrate Knight's birthday. After dinner, we went to Ro and Knight's for cake and presents, and then got home not terribly much after bredtime.

I'm waiting for a load of towels to dry so I can put white in the dryer and go to bed. (Yay, they just buzzed.) While I was waiting, I got caught up on my reading and exercises for Thin-Within. Tomorrow I can keep up with that, and start this week's reading for Life Group. I need to get up early to work with Tigger on assembly the costumes, so he can take Z his costume tomorrow. The presentation is on Wednesday, and we're going for being at least a day early on the final preparations.

Things to remind Tigger in the morning: bring the revised essay; go over the presentation check-list with Zack to see who's bringing what (of things like a small trash can, a table cloth, etc.).