March 14th, 2007

Bills Bills Bills

I let it go again...

... but I finally tackled it.

Observation: in order for my desk to function for bills-paying, it cannot be a holding place for non-bills-paying materials.

Right now, I have them stuffed in a bag. I'll get caught up on bills-paying, and then I'll deal with what's in the bag.

The bright side, is that I've got all my receipts and checks and deposits entered. The dark side is how long I've waited to tackle this and the likelihood that there are late bills. Which do tend to complicate the paperwork. ;)


Get the bank to reset my password
Catch up on dishes, start laundry & continue to work on bills
Deposit a check

Work - I seem to back on a consistent 3 days a week, but all short days. It's enabling me to sleep earlier.

Earlier today, I helped create leggings and supervised while the boys turned posterboard into beaten metal. Tigger was more adept at the spray painting, and will be applying the remaining coats. After I buy more paint. They have "leather" leggings, "leather" and "metal" kilts, "metal" front & back armor with shoulder pads, and "metal" helms. I'll help Tigger do the assembly after we deem the posterboard pieces metalic enough. They won't be wearing the costumes until next Wednesday, so he's got time to do a good job. Technically, the costumes fall on Tigger's side of the work division in the partnership, so it's reasonable to get him to finish it up. :)

And now to bed, while there's a good chance of waking around 10am. (and cool! that works out to 8 hours of sleep)
Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!

I love a ready-made menu, don't you? Steak and broccoli quiche for dinner tonight, yay!

In reviewing my calendar, I found that my pedicure is next week, thus expanding my morning. Leaving at 1:30 to get to the bank in good time (to make a deposit and make a payment) will give me a nice amount of reading time in car-line today. I called and changed my appointment next week from Wednesday to Thursday, thus clearing my calendar on Wednesday to join the kids for SASSE. Need to touch base with Tigger's teacher on that.

Planning to stop by Ro and Knight's on my way to work tonight to hang out a bit. sadisticrequiem is in town for her spring break, and it'll be fun to see her.

And now that I've used up all my LJ and email, it's time to get to work on bills again.
Bills Bills Bills

Workin' it.

It really helps to have a clean, inviting desk surface.

I'm developing the health bills/EOBs pile to deal with all at once; I've a request in for an online account for a bill that I can't pay anymore through MyCheckfree, and I've scheduled a bunch of payments. More to go later. RIght now, it's off to the bank and car-line.