March 5th, 2007

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Recap of last week

My chess tournament post pretty much covered the weekend, so I can catch up by recapping the week.

I worked two nights, Wednesday and Thursday, for a total of only a little over 6 hours.

Wednesday was a Dee Dah Day: a friend in my Life Group got to officially adopt her son (whom she had been fostering for a year and a half). Mom and I joined her and family and other friends at the courthouse to witness the adoption, then we had an early dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. Critter picked Tigger up from school that day, and they joined us for dinner.

My new Palm battery came on Friday, and I have my replacement Treo up and running. I read an article online about problems with battery life for the 680, which boiled down to charge it right the first time. Since I had a new battery, I was conscientious about it. I charged it overnight Friday, then used it continuously until it ran down. Seven hours later. I synced it, played music on it, made phone calls, surfed the web, and played Bejeweled 2, to drain the battery.

Sometime during the week, I did a thorough cleaning of the family room, looking for the old battery, and then on Saturday, Critter vacuumed it for me. We've got a small amount of new accumulation on the coffee table, but it's otherwise quite nice in here.

When Mom was packing to go home, she unloaded the errand bag, and found the old battery. Sigh. I shall see if there is a way to test it for any ill-effects from the water, and then consider getting a charging cradle, which would charge the phone and the extra battery.

Tuesday night, we had a nice time with Ro and Knight over to watch the DVD from the Polynesian Cultural Center and a movie called Unconditional Love. Then Knight promptly came down with the flu on Wednesday. So far, no symptoms here, although Critter is at home today with yet another sore throat.

I was supposed to take Flar's car in for service and nearly forgot about it, but I got it dropped off on Thursday evening, and they promised it back this afternoon.

Critter has started a 16 hour review course for college board testing; his first seesion was Thursday evening.

Mom's visit was relaxing and fun. We had a good balance of going out to eat or see movies and staying in to relax. She kept up with the dishes for me, and did laundry while I was in Hawaii and when I got home.

Today, I'm catching up. I have laundry to fold and more to wash; I've already swept the jacuzzi and kitchen floors; I'm changing the cedar chips in the dogs beds, as they were all ready for a washing again; I've week of mail to sort and process; I've done the hand-wash for yesterday, but I still need to tackle the kitchen table; most of the mess in the bedroom and bathroom was laundry sorted in piles on the floor, but I want to change the sheets before Flar gets back. Spydie's coming over sometime after noon for a corset fitting, and then I have errands out on my way to pick up Tigger.

The dryer is buzzing and my excuse to sit has dwindled.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Micky, we hardly knew you

While Mom was here, she bought some new fish for Tigger. Of our latest batch of fish, all had survived handily, except for one of the two Zebra Danios and sadly, the crab.

With the new fish added to the tank, our population entailed:

Mongo, the largest fish, a Golden Barb
The Sheriff, a Cherry Barb (these two were the only survivors of the dark times, when the filter wasn't running)

Sam and George, a pair of Neon Tetras

Marty, the remaining Zebra Danio

Pauly and Molly, the Black Mollies (I presume them a mating pair, as I've seen at least one miniature Black Molly, who unfortunately didn't mature)

and the new guys:

Micky, the Micky Mouse Platy

Tony, the Tiger Barb

Chloe, the Glofish

and Wonder Woman, the new crab.

This morning, I found Micky curled and floating. I've fished him out and disposed of him. The other fish appear to be doing okay; we'll see.