February 21st, 2007

Falling Apart

Old people talk about their health

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So, today. The middle was ugly with facing up to finances on rather tight balance. Followed up quickly by hope of reprieve by the first, and easy breathing by April. Spydie, would it be possible to paypal you with mastercard backing on the next fitting check?

The first bits were good. Putting away clean clothes and having a relatively clean bedroom result. I still have stuff to accomplish in there, but at least I'm not stepping over clean clothes baskets. Shower. First hydrotherapy, then medicinal for my airplane crud. Clean clothes, body and hair make the chipper'kin out of the min'shredder. Mom worked the soduko but left me the jumble and crosswords, so I started the day with brain in gear. Breakfast, tidying, cleaning and lunch saw us late leaving the house, but we managed bank, post box and grocery before chess club.

Flar asked me to pick up leftovers and a new refill from the pharmacy. Only, he forgot to call in the refill. So the pharmacist looked through his records to see which had been filled when, and we agreed to pick up refill and leftovers on the way back home. By then, it was fun, cause Flar finally had a chance to return the message we left on his voicemail, and got to hear, in response to his chagrined "I forgot to call it in" and hearty "why that's okay, we got it figured out, and we're picking up now." Yay for nice pharmacists and persistent wifey.

We found out at chess club that (1) Tigger won a trophy at the tournament, even though he only won 1.5 games -- he came in 3rd in his rating division and (2) his team got into the State Team Tournament, which is a four-board competition and (3) Tigger is playing fourth board in the tournament! Whee!

TIgger played chess with Flar tonight, and I think he beat him. Even after making some early important errors. I didn't play close attention, but that was Flar's encouraging summing up to him.

After the icky bits with the finances, Mom and I watched CSI: Miami and Boston Legal. I watch more TV when Mom is visiting, but it's always enjoyable stuff.

Tomorrow, we've got more errands:

(1) A new battery for my car -- go go Wal-Mart jump-starter battery, but I really need a car that can sit in the garage more than one day without having to resort to artificial life support.

(2) A replacement whiz-bang slicer for the one that I got Tigger for Christmas, and managed to break. We've found it online at Bed Bath and Beyond, and hope to find it in-stock. I'm also going to take a look at clearance sheets. Flar wants to replace the guest sheets with high-thread-count ones, and I have a price guideline from the Macy*s sale ad for the weekend. If I beat the price with comparable quality, I don't have to go to the mall. ;)

(3) A search for the gadget I may have hallucinated at Office Max, armed with three ink cartridges. I don't know how many discounts they'll allow on one purchase, but it doesn't hurt to try. ;)

On the way home from Sayre, it'd be nice to stop in at a jeweler to get Tigger's cruise-purchased dress watch taken in to fit. Ooh, ooh, I should add my tiny clocks that need watch battery replacements to the errand bag.

And now, to pack up cans for Tigger to take to the food drive at school, and ingredients for his French class to make crepes.